Backflow Ceramic Incense Burner

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 Are you an Aromatherapy lover?
Then this Backflow ceramic incense burner is a must-have! This beautiful Ceramic piece is handcrafted and is ideal for burning your favorite incenses as a sleeping aid and meditation while providing a decorative accent to any space. When incense cones are lit in the top burner, trails of smoke mimic a waterfall/cloud of mist on top of a mountain and flow down to the base of the figurine. These marvelous ceramic incense burners will provide years and years of usage and are an easy way to add a beautiful fragrance to your home, office, study, bedroom, yoga studio or any place that you desire. Once the incense is burning, let the calm soothing feeling just take you away. All of your thoughts will disappear as you slip into a relaxed state of mind and into the most peaceful place you could ever imagine. Buy it now!


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