Camera 360° Rotation Automatic Human Tracking Night Vision



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E27 base*1
Screw package *1

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: The camera has no network or offline status, what should I do?
1. check whether the power supply is normal
2. power off and restart the device to reconnect to the network (press the reset button for more than 5 seconds)
3. the signal coverage is weak, the camera will be transferred to a strong signal place.
4, special places signal interference shielding, the camera will be transferred to a signal and a strong signal.

Q2: How does the camera store video?
1. the camera supports F32 format, the maximum capacity is 128G, the identification of the card will automatically record, storage full will automatically overwrite the original video and loop video.
2. support the opening of cloud storage services to store video.

★【Novel appearance】:

New light bulb design appearance, unique. Support 1080P picture quality.

★【Support voice intercom】:

Built-in microphone and speaker, support two-way voice intercom.

★【Motion detection alarm function】:

Lens tracking motion detection, beep sound and LED light-up warning, while the alarm information is transmitted to the cell phone APP.

★【High bright LED night color monitoring】:

With high performance 1/2″ black light full color image processor, 200W pixel 1080P HD video, ultra-low power consumption, ultra-clear picture quality. Carry LED lights, can be illuminated in dim light situations.

★【360 ° cloud remote control monitoring】:

The camera lens can be operated by cell phone APP for 360 ° rotation, all-round monitoring. Equipment multi-person sharing, be shared to recognize permission settings, privacy protection.

★【Three major support functions support】:

2.4G/5.8G dual frequency, APP support Android/IOS, support cloud storage Local storage.

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