Crystal Hair Eraser

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Designed for people with foot pain or blisters, stick the cushion to the shoes to reduce stress and pain.

Prevent shoes from rubbing against your feet.

Avoid foot pain and blisters caused by long walking.

Wear beautiful high heels to enjoy your feet, without worrying about walking long distances to hurt your feet.

Flexible and comfortable, it can be used in high heels, boots, flat shoes, dancing shoes, etc.


1: Put on gloves:

2: Tear off the adhesion promoter, take out the wet paper towel, and wipe the place where it needs to be attached;

3: Uncover the release paper on the back of the patch, paste the compacted edge, and leave it for 24 hours to use!


Category: Shoe Patch

Size: (approximately)

Small size: 4.8x7cm

Large size: 5.8×8.5cm

Material: Microfiber cloth

Suitable shoe types: sports shoes, leather shoes, boots, casual shoes, cloth shoes, work shoes

Color: white, yellow, red, gray, black, dark coffee, brown, blue, khaki, beige, light gray, cyan gray

Suitable seasons: summer, winter, spring, autumn

Use scenario: Cover the damaged inside of the shoe and the heel of the shoe, adjust the shoe size to be too large.

Quantity: 4 patches (2 large and 2 small) + 2 packs of adhesion promoter + a pair of gloves + a manual/set

Package includes: 1 set of repair stickers