Mixed Colored Rare Beauty Succulents

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Gardening is for everyone, regardless of whether you live in an apartment or on a 100 acre ranch. Gardening gets you out in the fresh air (while respecting social distancing), adds positive energy into your life, gives you something fun to do, and gives a new activity that the whole family can participate in.Through these unpredictable times, let’s grow together.
Succulents Plant Instructions Tips:

Growth habit:
Hi warm, dry and sunny environment. Growth suitable temperature is 10-30 degrees Celsius. Suitable for growth in loose neutral sandy loam .

Light /soil:
Lithops succulents grow slow or completely stop in the summer, give plenty of light in a well-ventilated conditions. When the soil is completely dry pouring a small amount of water.

Sowing Method:
Seeds directly sown in the soil surface, as uniform as possible.After sowing may be covered with a thin layer of sand, it closed with plastic wrap after sowing, film can open some holes, every day ventilation 1-2 hours .
Basically about two weeks can be germinate .
Through these unpredictable times, let’s grow together.

This mix of winter hardy species are cold and frost hardy. Providing they are planted in well drained soil they can easily survive temperatures as low as minus 30C (-20F). The like sun, soil not to dry but not to wet either. Pour on the water until it drains out the bottom. Repeat this a couple times. Then don¡¯t water again until the soil has dried out.Look amazing in patio planters. Perfect for decorating garden, yard, balcony, etc.
Package Inculd: Mixed Varietie Succulent Plant Seeds About 200+.