Phone Clip for PS4 Controller Mobile Gaming

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Color: black (As the picture)
Compatible Model: For PS4
Features: Game Accessories, Clip-On, Adjustable Angle, Easy to Use
PS4 Controller Smartphone Clip
This PS4 Controller Clip for Smartphones securely attaches your smartphone to an PS4 wireless controller. Ideal for portable gaming, turn your phone into a handheld gaming console!
The clip is adjustable to fit a large variety of phone sizes from 5cm to 8.8cm wide, it supports 6″ phones without issue. It has an adjustable viewing angle for a more comfortable experience. Has a fold-out metal stand which can be used to turn the clip into a stand for viewing videos etc.

Please note – it is the phone clip only. There is no phone, controller or instructions included.

It is designed to be used with the Bluetooth compatible model PS4 controller only and will not work with any other controllers. I cannot provide assistance getting your phone to work with a controller. Please ensure you have a compatible phone and controller before buying this clip.
When attaching or detaching the clip be very careful and avoid using excessive force to avoid damage to your phone, controller or the clip.

Package Includes
1x Controller Clip. (Excluding other items)