Silicone Mini Jar Scraper Bake Master Spatula

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Maximize your kitchen efficiency and minimize waste with the Silicone Mini Jar Scraper Bake Master Spatula. This versatile and compact tool is designed to help you reach every last bit of your favorite ingredients, ensuring that nothing goes to waste. With its flexible, heat-resistant silicone head and comfortable handle, the Mini Jar Scraper is the perfect addition to any kitchen or baking arsenal.
* Multipurpose
Great kitchen partner that can dig, scrape, spread, smear, stir, mix, and open cans. Raised curve design fits all kinds of jars and cans, easy to get the last drop of sauces out and avoid waste.
Type: Specialty Tools
Material: Silicone Rubber
What’s in the Box:
1 x Silicone Mini Jar Scraper Bake Master  Spatula

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