Ultrasonic Cleaner For Watches And Glasses

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1.Simple button, easy to operate, 30W/50W, washing time approx. 5 min.
2.It can remove dirt and grime effectively, even the part normally require.
3.Tedious manual cleaning by hand, and even the part we can not reached.
4.With good cleaning effect and will not hurt any surface.
5.Perfect for cleaning and sterilizing fruits, vegetables, glasses, shaver heads, dentures, watches, jewelry, camera lenses, circuit board, electronic components, surgical instruments and so on.
5.It also can be used to mixed drink, mix different chemical reagents.
6.Equipped with one stainless steel cover, prevent inside liquid overflow, very convenient.
7.There are four non-slip bases, keep the machine solid and help prevent the water into the main machine.
8.Heat emission hole in the bottom, fine thermolysis and quickly.

Plug: EU plug(220V),US plug(110V)
Inside can capacity: 635ml
Working frequency : 40KHz
Power: 30W and 50W(optional)
Can size: 160 * 80 * 42mm
Item size: 182 * 105 * 100mm
Item weight: 600g
Package size: 215 * 170 * 130mm
Package weight: 730g

Package list:
1 * Digital Ultrasonic Cleaner
1 * Cover
1 * Manual