Weather Stripping Door Seal Strip

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Keep your home sealed and protected.

We all hate it when bugs and dirt are constantly appearing in our homes, making cleaning an endless chore. This Weather Stripping Door Seal Strip is the answer, a must-have in every household. It’s a protective strip that you `can use to cover the tiny openings in doors, windows, and others.


There’s no place like a clean and happy home. Prevent bugs and other contaminants from entering your home. Seal doors, windows, and other possible entry points with this amazing product. Useful in sealing kitchen cabinets, wardrobe, medicine cabinets, and more. Prevent disease-causing germs from reaching your family.

Keep dust and bugs out!

It can also be used to seal entry points and prevent water leakages and other damages caused by the weather. Would also make a great tool in smell proofing or soundproofing any room in your house. Absolutely versatile and useful.


Strong Viscosity and Long-Lasting Adhesive

This strip is carefully made with a strong adhesive backing to ensure longevity. It’s waterproof and non-slip, guaranteed to last years of sealing surfaces. Does not easily tear off, even with strong weather conditions.


It’s made of high-quality and super flexible silicone material that’s safe and non-toxic for the family. This seal strip has strong viscosity, designed to withstand years of wear and tear. Made with durable yet thin and soft materials that do not affect the use of doors and windows at all. It’s transparent too, you won’t even notice it’s there.

Totally eco-friendly.

This is perfect for frameless glass doors, wood doors, windows, dog doors, cabinets, and many others. Installation is super easy, it will only take you seconds. You just peel off the protective adhesive and stick it to the desired surface. To ensure, tight and secure hold, heat the area with a hairdryer. It does not leave marks or residue once removed.

Super easy to install! Comes in different sizes to match your sealing needs too.



  • Material: Silicone
  • Size: 25, 35, 55 mm

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