Air Conditioner Drainer Cleaning Cover

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The waterproof layer of the cleaning bag is made of high-grade jacquard fabric, which is practical and good-looking. With tight stitches to the sealing strip, this cleaning cover is durable and of high quality.
【Full Protection】
With a large piece of waterproof curtain and three small pieces of waterproof films, the air conditioner cleaning cover prevents your walls and other places from splashing/splattering the sewage during the process of cleaning
【Drain Outlet】
It’s a good “assistant” for cleaning the wall-hanging air conditioners. The air conditioner dust-proof cover is equipped with a water external (drain) outlet and a water pipe to drain the water into a bucket
Material: PVC
Pattern: PRINTED
Style: Modern
Model Number: Air conditioner Cleaning Cover
type: Air Conditioner Cleaning Cover
What’s in the Box:
1 x Air Conditioner Drainer Cleaning Cover