Little Helicopter Dream RC Fan Ceiling Lamp

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Ignite your child’s imagination and add a playful touch to their room with the Little Helicopter Dream RC Fan Ceiling Lamp. This charming and functional ceiling lamp is designed to resemble a whimsical helicopter, complete with a built-in fan and remote control, creating a fun and inviting atmosphere for your little one’s living space.

Built-in Fan: This unique ceiling lamp has a built-in fan, providing a gentle and refreshing breeze for your child’s room. The adjustable fan speed ensures optimal air circulation, creating a comfortable and pleasant environment for playtime or rest.
Energy-Efficient LED Lighting: This ceiling lamp utilizes energy-efficient LED lighting, providing bright and uniform illumination for your child’s space. The adjustable brightness levels and warm, inviting glow to make it suitable for various activities, from playtime to bedtime.

Weight: 7kg
Switch Type: Remote Control
Material: Iron and ABS
Power Source: AC
Blade Size: 50cm / 19.69in

What’s in The Box:
1x Little Helicopter Dream RC Fan Ceiling Lamp

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Blue, Pink, Yellow