Facial Cleansing Steamer Nano Sprayer Steaming Face Skin Spa

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The particle of hot mist steam can easily permeate the skin and make epidermic cells softened and expanded, facilitate the removal of the aged keratinized cells

and achieve a bright, smooth and delicate skin. Steam can open pores and eliminate the deep level filth, suppressing the excessively secreted sebum and enable

the skin to breathe freely. Mist can be generated in a short time and it only takes 3 minutes for steam to go deep into your skin and cleanse it.It can serve no less

than 20 minutes with a full tank of water. The device will power off automatically when there is no water in the tank.


Unique rotatable steaming tube design. You can enjoy hot steaming even while laying on the bed!

Ultra-silence design, you can use it while your are sleeping.

With advanced PTC heating technology, over temperature and dry-boiling can be prevented.


has the effect of sterilization, killing epiphyte, prevent skin from suffering disease and inflammation. Anion can improve regeneration of skin

collagen and activate hydrophilic factor so as to moisturize skin and make it tender, smooth, white and transparent.

If you smell a little stink odor, don\’t worry and it is just normal smell of Ozone ion


1x KD2328 Hot Mist Facial Steamer


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