Household Electric Machine

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Product parameters

Model: KM8

Product name: Automatic noodle machine

Rated voltage: 220V

Rated power: 260W

Rated frequency: 50Hz

Weight: 4.4kg

Size: 220*250*355mm


* A variety of knife mold combinations can be used to make wide noodles, narrow noodles, hollow noodles, dragon beard noodles, etc.;

* You can add egg liquid, vegetable juice (soft vegetable leaves can be put directly, hard vegetables must be juiced), etc. to make noodles with different flavors, which are healthy and delicious;

* Simple operation, put the flour into the noodles, easy to get;

* Food grade material, sanitary, healthy, environmentally friendly and practical;

* Imitate manual kneading, add appropriate amount of flour, and the machine will automatically mix the flour and water;

* Excess dough can be cleaned up easily by hand, simple and convenient;

* Multiple safety protection devices, long service life.

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