High Quality Nails Design Machine

Original price was: $1,430.56.Current price is: $1,128.78.


*Controlled by a touch screen. we have installed software inside the machine.
*Visual design, you can see the printing process clearly, full of security
*Touch screen operation, one-touch manicure, easy to learn. New users can also get started easily
*Can be connected to a wired network or wireless WIFI. Smart terminal that can be operated independently without using a computer or mobile phone
*AI intelligent identification, accurate coloring. Accurately recognize the contours of the edges of your nails and will not stain your fingers.
*Non-contact painting technology, no direct contact with nails.


Controlled by touch screen or mobile phone APP,
Lots of designs available for download
Design your own personal pattern
Quick search category
Optionally classify common patterns

Technical specifications
Product name: 3D touch screen nail machine
Power supply: 110-240v/4A
Rated power: 48W
Machine size: 214.8*208.6*208.6mm
Net weight: 2.5KG
Gross weight about 4kg

packing list
1*adapter power supply
4*Nail polish
1 set of nail tools